651 Mamre Road, Orchard Hills

Location: 651 Mamre Road, Orchard Hills

Client: Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd

Value: $4,000,000.00


  • 8000m3 of earthworks and shaping of drainage easement
  • 800lm of new drainage
  • Pit constructions
  • Culvert construction including bridging slab tiering into existing culvert running under Mamre Road
  • 6000m2 of milling
  • 10,000m2 of enviropave
  • 700mm-1m depth pavements
  • 125mm AC 20 AR450 9000m2
  • 50mm AC14 AR450 8000m2
  • Overlay AC14 AR450 5000m2
  • SF Kerb
  • SA Kerb
  • SB Kerb
  • Median islands, footpaths, pram ramps
  • 4000 tonnes of asphalt installed throughout the project

Read the case study here.